Below are links to a collection of media articles with commentary from Andy or information on research in the Hill Lab.


Cosmos – Maximising Research with Impact: Professor Andy Hill’s Journey


3RRR Radio – Interview with Andy Hill on lab sustainability and research
Victoria University – VU Commits to Openness in Animal Research
Victoria University – VU High Performance Centre at Whitten Oval Opened


Victoria University – People of VU Podcast: Andy Hill
Victoria University – New direction for VU Research


The Fifth Estate – Australia’s first Green certified lab tackles emissions and waste from research
La Trobe University – Australia’s first certified Green Lab
La Trobe University – Testing hope for prion disease
Izon Science News – Extracellular Vesicles as Propagators of Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disease


Border Mail – Andy Hill Public Lecture
Gene Online News – Andy Hill talking about ISEV2019
Bioquick News – ASBMB Beckman Coulter Discovery Science Award to Andrew Hill


Sydney Morning Herald – There’s a postal system running through your veins – could it heal you?
La Trobe University – Extraordinary vesicles
Nest – Diagnosing the silent killer Alzheimer’s


Nest –‘Living’brain slices reveal how nerve cells die


Invest in Australia – Melbourne researchers help develop new Alzheimer’s test
Channel 7 News – Blood test could pick up Alzheimers’s earlier
Sydney Morning Herald / The Age Melbourne – Alzheimer’s Blood Test
Asian Scientist – Can you catch Alzheimer’s?


BioQuick News – New Tool (iSRAP) Developed for Rapid Profiling of Small RNA-Seq Data
MRC Insight – Behind the picture: Proving the link between BSE and vCJD


ABC News – Alzheimer’s disease Blood Test
University of Melbourne News Room – Blood test developed to diagnose early onset Alzheimer’s disease
Herald Sun – Melbourne Scientists Develop Blood Test for Early Alzheimer’s Disease Detection
The Age – Alzheimer’s blood test developed by Melbourne Scientists
Daily Mail (UK) – Scientists discover blood test predicts Alzheimer’s
ABC Victoria Country Hour – Work on a test for Creutzfeldt Jakob disease
COSMOS Magazine – Blood test may be key to Alzheimer’s treatment


Adelaide Advertiser – Malaria Parasites talk to each other


Bio21 News – Mad Cow Blood test now on the horizon
ABC PM – Blood test for prion disease closer
The Australian – Blood test for neurodegenerative diseases a step closer
Invest Melbourne – Melbourne researchers close in on ‘Mad Cow’ blood test
Science Daily – ‘Mad Cow’ blood test now on the horizon
Huffington Post – CJD And Mad Cow Blood Test A Step Closer, Say University Of Melbourne Scientists


University of Melbourne VOICE – The Jekyll and Hyde of disease ASBMB Merck Research Excellence Medal to A/Prof Hill
ASBMB – 2010 Merck Medallist
Australian Science Media Centre – Ban on meat from BSE affected countries set to end


University of Melbourne NEWS – Bio21 puts students to the test


The Scientist – The Shape of Pathogenic Proteins


University of Melbourne NEWS – Young Tall Poppy Award to Dr Andrew Hill
University of Melbourne NEWS – Minister to celebrate achievements of young scientists
Sydney Morning Herald – Too late to shut the gate on this killer


University of Melbourne NEWS – Molecular Shape Shifters and Parkinson’s Disease
ASBMB – 2005 Edman Awardee


Life Scientist – Mad cow just got madder in face of maltifaceted molecule


Sydney Morning Herald – Dormant but deadly

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